Do you enjoy the features that DMR radio offers you? What does it take to provide these features?

Linking C-Bridge systems with Brandmeister, connecting MMDVM devices to the C-Bridge and licensing the software to support all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. It takes seven servers to support the current features not including expansion. Unlike many systems that have servers running in someone’s basement our servers are housed in a hardened computer center ensuring continuous power and internet ensuring the highest possible up time. This is important to support emergency communications when it is needed the most. This is just the servers and software and just scratches the surface on the support time to maintain the proper operation of all of the software.

Is costs money to provide this level of service!

These are recurring costs, so we are constantly seeking support funds.

Please help us by providing what help you can by donating what you can. A donation on the below link will help us pay for all of the recuring costs keeping the DMR systems on the air.

To make a donation to help the network

Thank you for your support.